Monday, March 31, 2014


A reminder about Fun Fair taking place on April 10th. Our basket raffle items are due into the school the morning of April 8th. Our theme again this year is Healthy Living/Fitness. Some ideas for items for this basket are: hand weights, sports equipment, healthy snacks like granola/power bars, gift cards to sporting store or itunes, skipping rope, kettle bells, drinks, yoga mat, water flavoring, ear buds, healthy snacks, water bottle, pedometer, workout gloves, stretchy bands or a food scale. Homework tonight: - home reading - study spelling - math gr 5 p. 175 #1-3 - gym tomorrow - have gym strip - Purdy's orders are due by April 4th - MS fundraising due tomorrow Have a good night!

Spelling Unit 21 - Whole Class List

Whole Class joint hinge irregular fixed pivot cartilage gliding marrow fracture calcium ligaments moveable partially skeletal calcification spine cervical lumbar sacral thoracic

Friday, March 28, 2014


We have our computer back in the classroom now. Sorry for not having the blog updated for the last couple of days. On April 10th our school is having our Fun Fair. Please help out if you can by signing up for a shift at a station. The sign up sheets are posted outside of the office. Each class has been asked to provide items for a basket raffle. Our basket theme this year is Healthy Living/Fitness. Please have the items to the school on or before Tuesday April 8th. Homework this weekend: - home reading - year 4 math quiz Monday - grade 4 FSA home - spelling or maps if not complete - date change for the band concert. It is now Tuesday April 15th at 1 and 7 Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Today was a really fun day. This morning in Fine Arts we started our study of Shakespeare and this afternoon we went to to learn more about the Globe Theatre. We also had a special guest come to our class today to speak with the children. Eryn Bulmer Barrett is a two time Olympian who competed for Canada in diving. She spoke with the children about her experience at the Olympics and about dreaming big. Homework tonight: - home reading - study spelling - maps due tomorrow - band concert April 2 at 7 I am short drivers for our visit to KSV on Thursday. I am looking for rides for 5 students. If you are able to help out please send a note in your child's agenda. Have a good night.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Spelling Unit 20

Year 4 rough enough graph quiet quarter photograph telephone tough laugh quite questions trophy equal autograph equator liquid alphabet elephant require quarrel Year 5 mammal contest topic humour metric highway salad single minus monsters invent rapid fantastic vitamins maximum minimum suffer intended polite expand Year 6 difficulty loyalty honestly cruelty gravity ability reality quality quantity activity electricity community university possibility probability reliability responsibility popularity variety equality


I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday. Sorry that this wasn't posted sooner. We are having technical difficulties with the laptop in the classroom right now. Homework tonight: - home reading - study spelling - math 4p. 163 #1-3 and p. 165 #1-4, 5p. 186 #1-10, 6p. 178 #1-11 - maps due Wednesday - Purdys order sent home today - KSV field trip form if not already returned - Report Card Envelope if not returned - Eagle Bay payments if you have not already made them (keeping in mind as long as your child is paid in full I don't mind if you don't stay to the payment schedule) Have a great night!

Friday, March 14, 2014


We had a super fun afternoon! We decorated sugar cookies and created cell cookies to finish off our cell study. Your child will receive 5 marks for explaining their cookie to you and having a note written in their agenda saying that they have done so. They also have some FRIENDS homework that needs to be completed before coming back on March 24. If you have not returned your child's KSV permission slip please do so. Eagle Bay payments can be made at anytime. New codes are coming home with the grade 4 students today. MS Read-a-thon envelopes are due in after the holiday. Please return your signed report card envelope after the break. Have a wonderful Spring Break! Keep reading your Red Cedar books!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Again a lot of work got completed in the classroom today. They are trying so hard to make sure that they don't have any extra homework over Spring Break. Tomorrow is the last chance to bring in your Scholastic order, I will be placing this at lunch time. I am still looking for donations of yarn for after the holiday. If you could help with this it would be greatly appreciated. After Spring Break we will be doing a novel project that will require each child to use a shoebox. If you have one please send it in with your child. Homework tonight: - home reading - study spelling - study science - math 4p. 160, #1-9, yr 6 fraction package if not complete Have a good night!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


It was a great work block Wednesday today. We are trying to make sure that all of our work is wrapped up so that we don't have homework over the holiday next week. Homework tonight: - home reading - study spelling (sheets due tomorrow) - library - gym - math 4p. 158 #1-6 - popcorn day tomorrow $1 bag Have a good night.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


In Fine Arts today we looked at the history of theater for the last 10000 years. It was really interesting. We are continuing to work on our Red Cedar posts and blogs. Please make sure that your books are here daily. Homework tonight: - home reading - study spelling - study science - math 4p. 154 #1-7 - Scholastic due Friday have a good night.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Spelling Unit 19

Year 4 knew wrote know answer doubt listen wrong often sight climb knock walk thumb whistle wrestle knapsack wrecked wrist ghetto wrinkle Year 5 anyone's parents' Canada's neighbours' someone's character's ocean's nation's nobody's everybodies' wives' daughter's aunt's stomach's tongue's island's community's factories' businesses' country's Year 6 finally mostly nearly simply usually funnily easily friendly clearly fully surely lately magically tragically cleverly generally extremely especially calmly probably


We got a lot of Red Cedar summary posts done this morning. A reminder that the PAC fundraising coupon book sales are due back tomorrow. Scholastic orders are due on Friday. I am still looking for yarn donations for a spool knitting project that we will be doing after Spring Break. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Homework tonight: - home reading - study spelling (sheet due Thursday) - math 4p. 151, 6 fraction package if not complete - science quiz on microscopes and cells on Friday - gym - pants and socks with a plastic bag in case of slipping in a puddle Have a good night!

Friday, March 7, 2014


We started our drama studies in Fine Arts today. We talked about what we know and want to know about theater. I also showed the students video examples of Kabuki Theater and Chinese Shadow Puppet Theater. Next week we will be having a science quiz on cells on Friday. Homework tonight: - home reading - any unfinished work - study science - math yr6 p. 173#1-13 Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 6, 2014


We did a grammar review lesson today of the noun, adjective, verb and adverb. We also did a spinner writing activity. Would you rather...? Ask your child what they wrote about. Homework tonight: - home reading - spelling dictation - math yr 5 quiz tomorrow - yr 4 Black History Month article due - science if not complete - yr 4 FN activity if not complete - cell quiz next Friday Have a good night.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


We had an amazing work block today!! All of the children were so focused on their work all day! We read another chapter of our non-fiction Red Cedar The World in Your Lunch Box. It has been very interesting learning the history of the food mentioned in the book. Homework tonight: - home reading - spelling story if not complete - science parts of a cell package due tomorrow - yr. 4 SS due tomorrow - math 4p. 144 #1-8, 5p. 158 #1-15, 6p. 168 #1-11 - gym tomorrow - library tomorrow - Scholastic orders due March 14 Have a great night!

Monday, March 3, 2014


We had a busy day today. We started taking a closer look at our cell study and learned about the parts of a cell. The grade 5/6's also got some new information to read for Friday on our new Government unit. The 6's have festival tomorrow. Please make sure you are in concert dress clothes and have your permission slips. Homework tonight: - home reading - study spelling - last weeks science if not complete - gym tomorrow Have a good night.

Spelling Unit 18

Year 4 water almost toward cause naughty taught warm drawn crawl because daughter also automatic exhausted reward applaud auction cautious forward laundry Year 5 windows words students groceries players brothers thousands leaves sandwiches roofs videos wives guesses communities systems activities businesses centuries enemies opportunities Year 6 painful cheerful forgetful goodness illness weakness closeness harmless careless useless worthless endless strangeness rudeness lifeless fearless thoughtless pointless forceful successful