Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Today the Earth Rangers came to the school to talk to the children about endangered animals and things that they can do to help. Each student should be bringing a postcard home with more information if they are interested. Tomorrow our school is taking part in the Terry Fox run. Please make sure that your child is wearing appropriate clothing, we will be running outside no matter what the weather. Homework tonight: - home reading - study spelling - Terry Fox Run - wear appropriate clothes - orange shirt day - reading response if not complete - French (5/6) if not complete - interview sign up Have a great evening.

Monday, September 28, 2015


Today we had a conversation about Terry Fox and why we run. Please make sure that your child returns their permission slip so that they are able to participate in the intermediate run on Wednesday. Also please return internet forms. Homework tonight: - home reading - study spelling - assertive sheet if not complete - terry fox forms - yr6 immunization forms - yr 5/6 map if not complete - Scholastic due Friday - Owl forms due Friday - Timeline of You due Friday - sign up for parent/teacher interview Have a good night!

Spelling unit three

Year 4 crumble struggle month sample scream straight strange thrilling splash throat branch spring scribble mumble screwdriver scrape sprinkle crumple strength threat Year 5 balance dance distance else purse twice increase province police service surface promise false license fierce practice pronounce purchased resources forced Year 6 sidewalk teenager carefree ballpark aircraft sailboat backpack myself carload fireworks thunderstorm background headache cardboard headlight touchdown lightweight Newfoundland lighthearted grapefruit

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Today I was able to have each of the children read me a short passage. Please make sure that your child is doing his/her nightly reading. A couple of times a week I encourage him/her to do oral reading. This does not mean reading out loud for the whole 30 minutes, even doing just a page. This helps them with fluency and reading with expression. We had our first library sign out today. Each child should be coming home with home reading books this evening. Please remember that there is no school for students tomorrow. Homework tonight: - home reading - classroom design and paragraph if not complete - math place value package if not complete - internet forms if not already returned - Terry Fox permission slips if not already returned - sign up for parent teacher interviews outside the classroom Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Today we celebrated the International Day of Peace. All of the Montessori classes got together by the garden and asked for peace throughout the world. We concluded by all singing "Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream." In the afternoon we did some role playing while talking about being assertive. We learned how to speak in an assertive way. The children really enjoyed taking part in the role plays. We also started discussing time lines. I have asked the children to each create their own time line of their life. Part of their homework tonight is to talk to their families about some milestones or important events that have happened to them throughout their lives. A reminder of the Open House at the school tonight from 6-7 followed by a PAC meeting at 7pm. Homework tonight: - home reading (our first library day is tomorrow so your child will be able to bring home a home reading book from their list) - study spelling (dictation tomorrow as no school for children on Friday) - Terry Fox permission slip Have a wonderful night.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


We went into the computer lab today and practiced logging on and off the computer. Coming home today are internet permission forms. Please return these as soon as possible. We will be going outside tomorrow to celebrate the International Day of Peace. Please make sure that your child dresses for the weather. Homework tonight: - home reading - study spelling - reading response if not complete - peace flag if not complete - permission slips - online survey if not already completed Have a great night!

Monday, September 21, 2015


Today we talked about the International Day of Peace, which we will be acknowledging on Wednesday. We discussed what makes a peace maker and what they can do to help do this. The children have been very focused on being social with their friends. Until they are able to not chat during class time your child may be bringing home homework in order to finish the days activities. Homework tonight: - home reading - study spelling - spelling sheet due Thursday - reading response if not complete - math sheet questions only - practice peace song Have a good night.

Spelling Unit 2

Year 4 clock front against spend track grandfather complete stood across flight problem standing traffic address transport blanket blood panicked plastic climate Year 5 January February April Thursday August Monday Tuesday Wednesday thirteen fifteen eighteen seventeen traffic nineteen annual anniversary seasonal autumn fortnight panicked Year 6 another people holiday upon heard should listened doesn't always through strange until government second autumn February hospital eighth supper around

Friday, September 18, 2015


We finished off the week meeting our buddies for the first time today. The children were WONDERFUL big buddies to their new Kindergarten buddies. I heard great feedback from the other teacher about how positive an experience it was for the little ones. There is a lot of information coming home with your child tonight. Please take a few minutes and fill out the survey on the website stated in the classroom newsletter. The home reading list for the year is also coming home for you to see today. All of these books are available in our school library. Our first library day is Thursday next week. Until that point any book that they may have at home that they could read nightly will be great. Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Today the year four students started to work on their time capsules. They will decorate a tube and inside I will place a picture of them that I took today along with some information about themselves that they have filled in. When they finish year 6 (or even year 7) I will return them to them and we can see how much they have grown and changed. Thank you to the year 5/6 students for helping to weed the garden today. Homework tonight: - study spelling - spelling sheet - gym strip (I forgot to remind the kids about this one!) Have a great evening!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Another wonderful day in the classroom today. The grade fours are continuing to settle in, but I am pleased to see that they are checking in with me or other students for clarification when required. They had their first music class with Mrs. Sewell today. We have also started working with the virtue of assertiveness. We will continue to discuss this over the next couple of weeks. There is no homework tonight other than continuing to study for Friday's spelling dictation. Have a wonderful evening.

Spelling lists for the week

Year 4 back plant finish lunch those gave team side tube start sort first coins small dinner cutting that's something night little Year 5 track change main least follow through their order near voice ground stopped living higher anything happen people won't unknown provide Year 6 thirteen dance dreamed include sharp returned clear eight packet climbed winning copied you've thousands single picture fashion enjoyment friendship build

Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday September 14, 2015

Welcome back! I am so excited to be starting another year here at Aberdeen. We have a pretty full class this year, 29 children. Today we continued working on helping the new grade 4's settle into the classroom. The next couple of weeks we will be working on helping them adjust to a new classroom. Homework tonight: - study spelling (there will be a dictation on Friday morning) - reading response if not complete - gym strip Have a wonderful evening.