Friday, October 30, 2015


We went and saw some improv at our first YPC today. The actors did a great job. It was a bit of a crazy afternoon with the primary classes coming through on a costume parade and then heading down to make spider hats with our little buddies. Most of the children have worked really hard this week to get caught up to ensure no homework over Halloween weekend. If your child does bring home work can you please find some time for them to get it caught up. Have a safe and Happy Halloween tomorrow night!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Today we carried on looking at websites in the computer lab with Ms. Carter. We discovered that even though a website looks professional it does not always mean that the information contained on it is accurate. A reminder that the 5/6 students will be at TCC tomorrow. They will need to bring water, good lunch and wear clothes they can move around it. Homework tonight: -home reading - study spelling - spelling sentences - pictures due Thursday - retakes Thursday - Yr 6 shots were today, forms should be coming home with your child Have a good night.

Monday, October 26, 2015


Today was National Library Day and we took part in Drop Everything and Read. The students did a great job of reading silently. For our sound unit we talked about the absence of sound and learned how to sign the alphabet using sign language. Homework tonight: - home reading - study spelling - spelling sentences to 5 if not complete - photo retakes Thursday - picture orders due Thursday - yr 6 shots tomorrow - scholastic due Friday due to book fair next week at the school Have a good night.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Wow, what an amazing gym class today! It is so nice to see the children improving their volleyball skills while working on their sportsmanship as well! Lots of positive encouragement from classmates in the gym today. A reminder that tomorrow is a Pro-D day and there is no school for the children. School pictures should also be coming home today. Homework this weekend: - home reading - any unfinished work Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Today we started a SMALL research project on ancient civilizations. The purpose of this project is for students to gain research skills using World Book. The children also had a work block day today and many of them got a lot of work accomplished today. Homework tonight: - home reading - study spelling (dictation tomorrow) - YPC form - PAC form - TCC form (5/6) - Book Fair sign up - spelling sheet - library tomorrow - gym strip - reading response if not complete - subject/predicate sheet if not complete Have a good night!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


We had a great conversation in our class this afternoon about being safe while using the internet. The children all knew a lot of information so thank you for already talking to your child about this. We worked with Ms. Carter today about using websites and tips to find out if they are accurate or not. Homework tonight: - home reading - study spelling - 1/2 spelling sheet - sentence sheet if not complete - reading response if not complete - notices to go home - zen tangles Have a good night.

Monday, October 19, 2015


Today was a busy day in the classroom. This weeks spelling list should come home today. A reminder that Friday is a Pro-D day so that there is no school for the children. Due to this the spelling dictation will be on Thursday this week. We had our first lock down drill practice today. Also today Mrs. Allen-Innis and I informed the children that we will be taking an and of the year trip this year. In June we will be going to Barkerville for 4 days/3 nights. More information will be coming regarding the trip as we finalize details. As of now we only have our dates (June 6-9) and accommodation (Wells School Gym) booked. I also informed the year 5/6 students that we will be attending a healthy and literacy day at TCC next Wednesday. Permission slips and more information on that will be coming home tomorrow. Homework tonight: - home reading - study spelling - election results - sentence sheet if not complete - verification form if not returned Have a good night!

Spelling Unit 6

Year 4 fact break danger animal add afraid paid half safe yesterday main holiday available amazing tomato claim escape remain behave chocolate Year 5 include unusual avenue refuse ruin truth prove value drew movie improve beautiful amuse view accuse fuel fluid volume human unique Year 6 drank caught taught stood wore spent held spoke stole paid rode drove struck flew dealt spilt spoilt crept sprang brought

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Today the year 5/6 talked about physical traits in French. They will be working with these traits over the next few weeks. After our discussion yesterday about voting rights, we looked at the history in Canada about when people got the right to vote. Homework tonight: - home reading - study spelling - spelling sentences - verification forms Have a good night.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Today in the computer lab we used the World Book website. Your child will be coming home with an at home password today. Please write me a note in the agenda to make sure that this worked. Homework tonight: - home reading - study spelling - spelling sentences due Friday - fiction cards due Friday - note to see if website worked Have a good night.

Spelling Unit 5

Year 4 chance since courage control giant garbage once science practice guide magnet charge recognize voyage message surface decorate general language recently Year 5 details deal goal realize real wheel steal feel mild pile bowl style squeal heal jewel cereal wealthy healthy yield trial Year 6 laughed wrecked owned climbing studied hurrying lying included promising decided planning surprising causing controlling canceled complaining satisfied argued ignored regretted

Friday, October 9, 2015


Sorry that I have not posted on here much this week. It has been busy with interviews. We have had a wonderful week in the classroom. We had a great time at the Harvest Lunch on Wednesday. It was fun to have all 400 students in the gym having lunch together. We made "turkey callers" in the classroom this morning and then again with our little buddies in the afternoon. Please ask your child to explain the science of this to you. The children only have homework if they have any outstanding assignments such as spelling, grammar, timelines. Also, remind the children that they have a rhythm test Tuesday. Have a wonderful long weekend. A reminder that there is no school Monday for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Sorry that there was no post yesterday. I have just posted this weeks spelling words as well if you need them. This morning the children went into the computer lab with Ms. Carter for the first time. The year 4 students were introduced to World Book which they will be using a lot in the coming months (and years) for research in the classroom. There have been some changes made to the website so it was new for the 5/6s's today as well. We are still continuing to try to work quietly in the classroom. With 29 students when they get off task the noise level can rise quickly. Please remind your child that work time in the classroom should be used for just that. A reminder that if students are bringing a drink into the classroom that it should be water only. Homework tonight: - home reading - study spelling - early dismissal tomorrow at 12:30 - please bring a lunch for our harvest lunch celebration tomorrow - food bank donation Have a wonderful night!

Spelling Unit 4

Year 4 switch edge bridge coach stage touch stretch kitchen huge change fetch porch village stranger cottage message bandage stomach college budge Year 5 breath breathe breeze cleaning already instead leading reasons dreamed means health seemed meadow disease creatures employee defeated eager sweater disagree Year 6 halfway outdoors underwater somehow forever anyway countdown part-time thirty-four ninety-eight nobody whatever self-control old-fashioned absent-minded fingernail well-behaved throughout motorcycle non-stop

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Yesterday our class took part in the school Terry Fox Run. As a school we raised over $1200!! Thank you to everyone! Today we had a fire drill (while in gym!). This was a very different experience for all of us. Today was also library day, if your child has any overdue books can you please have them returned. Not everyone has signed up for a parent teacher interview. I would like to touch base with all parents this time, so please make sure that you have signed up outside the classroom. Homework tonight: - home reading - study spelling - spelling sheet if not complete - Scholastic orders due tomorrow - Owl magazine due tomorrow - yr 6 immunization forms due October 9 Have a wonderful night!