Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tuesday May 25

Sorry that I have not been updating the blog on a regular basis but the afternoons have been quite busy with Barkerville planning.  A quick note that today I chatted with the girls and the boys were in the other room discussing any questions they had.  I was very impressed with the way the children were comfortable talking about subject areas that are not always easy for them.  A reminder that tomorrow they will be giving their book recommendations on the favourite book they have read so far this year.  It is my hope that all children will come away with a title or two to be curious about reading during the summer.  We had Eureka come in and give a presentation to the children today as well.  Some of the children received the handout regarding camp information while some had left the room before I remembered to hand it out, sorry!  I will get it to those student who missed out tomorrow.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


A busy day of work today.  We talked today about how when writing we need to make sure we are using strong words, but not needing a big list.  Sometimes more writing just inflates a piece of writing like a balloon.  We played badminton in gym today.  Homework tonight:

 - home reading
 - gold rush activity sheet using BC Archives Time Machine if not complete
 - math quizes for year 4/6 to take place on Tuesday
 - French quiz next Thursday
 - WITW map 1 due May 20, map 2 and Canadian Reader maps are due May 27
 - WITW/Canadian Reader packages due May 30
 - please return 3rd Barkerville payments and permission slips ASAP

Have a good night.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Sorry the blog site was down yesterday and I was not able to post.  The children had a wonderful day on Monday at the Track Meet.  Yesterday we continued working on our Barkerville studies.  There is not spelling this week due to the shorter work week.  I was away for the morning this morning and in the afternoon the children helped their little buddies with an art project and we took part in BC Electrical Safety Day.  Please ask your child to tell you 3 things that they need to do to make sure that they are safe when playing outside around power lines.  Homework tonight:

 - home reading
 - math 4p. 116 #1-15 quiz Friday
 - math 6p. 240 #1-8 quiz Friday
 - math 5 fraction worksheet
 - journal if not complete
 - bring a small sealed jar if you would like to bring home some extra pickles tomorrow we still have some in the fridge
 - Barkerville payment and permission slips
 - library books
 - gym strip

Have a good night.